I currently have two books published, The Complete Guide to FBA Reimbursements and Outsourcing Sourcing

Both were created with existing sellers in mind, although I do have a third book underway that will be an introduction to different forms of arbitrage and how to get started for beginners.

The Complete Guide To FBA Reimbursements

Amazon offers reimbursements on things like lost or damaged FBA products, but it’s up to you as a seller to make sure you actually get all the reimbursements that you deserve.

If you are doing any sort of volume on Amazon via FBA, this book will help you make sure the money you are owed isn’t slipping through the cracks. 

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Outsourcing Sourcing

This book will teach you how to create more profit on Amazon by having people you trust source and ship products for you.

Outsourcing is a very important part of my business, and I wouldn’t be able to achieve the sales figures we enjoy on my own. The other benefit of outsourcing is that it frees up your time to spend on things other than your business.

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If this isn’t what you are looking for, you might want to check out my course How to Make $1000+ Per Month Selling on Amazon or check out my resources page to learn about books from other people that I found valuable.