Want to earn more money and set your own schedule by selling things online?

Our Complete Arbitrage Playbook will show you how to earn your first $1000 selling online then build a business that will increase your income, free your time, and help you achieve freedom most people can only dream of.

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Is fear of failure and not being able to cover expenses stopping you from starting a business that will increase your income and allow you to set your own schedule?

Contrary to popular belief, starting a business doesn’t have to be expensive and risky. You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to get started, and it doesn’t have to take years before you realize a profit.

While these things are true about many business models, online retail (selling things online) offers a different approach that is perfect for anyone who wants to start a business that can increase their income without investing money they don’t have.

The strategies we teach allow you to start quickly and earn a profit in your first month, even if you are starting with limited funds.

You don’t have to be wealthy, experienced, or young to make this work. All you really need is some time to invest and a deep desire to succeed.

The other nice thing about an online selling business is that you are in full control of the schedule. Do you have a few hours at night on weekdays? Would you prefer to wake up early? Work all night? Spend one full day each week from sunup to sundown? Any of these can work. You set the schedule.

That makes this a really good opportunity if you want to earn more money in retirement, replace a job you don’t find fulfilling, add to the family finances while still having full control over your schedule, or even just earn some extra money on the side to pay off debt and go on more adventures.

We’ve helped older adults improve their quality of life in retirement and we’ve helped young adults pay for college – we’ve also helped a lot skip the “normal path” and go straight into working for themselves and enjoying the freedom that offers.

At the end of the day, this approach can benefit anyone who is looking to increase their income, set their own schedule, and enjoy the freedom (and challenges) that come with being an entrepreneur and running your own business.

If you choose this route, you also get the benefit of a business model that offers the potential for nearly unlimited financial growth and the option of putting it on “autopilot” so you can continue earning money while you focus on other things – like spending time with your family or just relaxing in a hammock somewhere.


Want to see results but worried you will fail or not have the accountability you need to follow through? Our quick-start challenge will help you get fast, early sales when you enroll.

How I Went From A Few Textbooks to Selling Millions a Year Online - And Why You Should Consider The Same Path

If you stop and try to imagine what it would be like to have an automated 7-figure online selling business, your brain will almost certainly stop you and remind you of all the reasons that can’t happen.

  • It’s too complicated.
  • What would I even sell
  • How would I even manage all that?
  • What if I buy a bunch of products and no one buys them?
  • This will never work and my family will laugh at me.
  • Think of how much time and money I will waste if it doesn’t work out.
  • Too many other people are doing this, it could never work for me.
  • What happens if Amazon bans me?
  • What happens if someone sues me!?

I know because I traveled this same path when starting my business.

When I first started selling online, I had never even considered online retail as a potential business. I just got a really low offer on some textbooks I was trying to sell back to my college campus’s bookstore, and decided to see if I could get more selling them myself.

Selling those books worked really well, so it wasn’t long before I was buying back other students’ books to sell as well. I even set up my own table on campus!

Before long, I was looking for other opportunities to buy things locally and then resell them online for a profit. This was my introduction to the strategies I now know as flipping and arbitrage.

Looking back, this was a very fortunate way to start. I didn’t stop to overthink how I could make a full-time business out of it, I just focused on making whatever money I could.

The flip side is it took me years before I got over all the objections about the viability of online retail and decided to quit my accounting job and see what would happen if I treated selling online like a real business. The answer was that my earnings exploded and I earned over $16000 in profit in my first 3 months selling online full time.

Over the past decade, I’ve been experimenting and testing continuously to figure out how to maximize my earnings while minimizing the time I have to spend working on the business. While I love selling online and find the process of deal hunting fun, I have bigger goals that I want to focus on. Online retail has been the vehicle that has unlocked the freedom I needed to pursue them.

One of these goals is to help other people realize this same freedom and independence that I enjoy, which is why I started documenting what I’ve learned on this site. The main objective for Online Selling Experiment is to help as many people as possible realize the benefits of a successful online selling business – especially in light of the overwhelming amount of bad advice that is out there about selling online.

For example, I believe that trying to jump into private labeling and building your own brand as a beginner is a huge mistake. I have been selling online for over a decade and have tons of money to throw into my private label experiments, and I am not ashamed to admit that I still have not had the success I hope to achieve one day with it.

Hopefully I will one day, but the truth is that building your own brands is hard work – even when you are very experienced and well capitalized!

This is why I recommend following me on what I call the Stairway to 7 Figures.

Email Screenshot
Email Screenshot

The Stairway to 7 Figures

The Stairway to 7 Figures is a model you can follow to solve the puzzle of how to start a business now without investing money you don’t have but still bridging the gap to create something that can increase your income, allow you to set your own schedule, and enjoy the freedom of an automated business.

This is the approach I followed and refined over the past decade.

It starts with low-risk, low-investment strategies that allow you to start immediately and earn a profit from the beginning. These strategies include flipping, retail arbitrage, and online arbitrage.

As you develop systems that can generate consistent results from these strategies, you can start to outsource and free your time to focus on your highest value activities – including increasing your leverage by adding bulk sourcing with wholesale.

Flipping and arbitrage are ways to buy and sell products without having to set up special relationships with suppliers or invest in bulk products.

All the products you source will be from local sales and stores or retail websites, and you can buy as little as 1 unit of any given item. When you sell them, you will sell them on established marketplaces with a developed customer base so that you don’t have to do any marketing work.

All you have to do is:

  1. Find the item
  2. Buy the item
  3. List it for sale on a marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace
  4. Ship it to a fulfillment center or ship it to the customer yourself
  5. Profit!

You can’t go out and buy any item and hope to make a profit though. The challenge is in finding the things that you can buy and then resell at a healthy profit.

This deal hunting can feel a lot like a treasure hunt. When things are going well, it can be one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon. The flip side is that when things go poorly, it can be extremely frustrating.

Beginners will often hear about arbitrage, try it a few times, not find anything they are eligible to sell, and declare that their market is saturated, that Amazon hates arbitrage, and that performing arbitrage is impossible.

Don’t be so quick to make this judgement.

My business sells over 7 figures worth of products sourced via arbitrage every year. I have personally coached dozens of other people who have also hit and sustained this level, and I’ve taught hundreds more to implement our strategies successfully through our in-depth training programs.

The simple fact of the matter is that arbitrage works. Finding products isn’t always going to be easy – but all opportunities are paired with a challenge. Your challenge is to find the products. The opportunity is a business that can earn good money without requiring huge investments, you need the right strategies and tools to consistently find products and make money.

That’s where our Complete Arbitrage Playbook comes in…

We sell MILLIONS on Amazon each year via Arbitrage - you get our whole playbook!

The Complete Arbitrage Playbook: How to Earn Your First $1000 Selling Online Then Scale to A Full Time Business

Our Complete Arbitrage Playbook will help you overcome the frustrations that new sellers often deal with. It covers:

  • How to make your first $1000 selling online – WITHOUT spending money you don’t have
  • How to scale your business to increase your income, free your time, and enjoy greater independence
  • The exact arbitrage strategies my business uses to source and sell millions of dollars worth of product every year

I know these strategies work because we are using them in my business. And I feel confident in my ability to teach them because I’m no longer the one implementing them!

I have hired people to perform these strategies for me so that I can focus on other strategies and things other than my business.

I have a direct financial connection to the thoroughness of the arbitrage systems and training I’ve developed. If they are clear, easy to understand, and generate a consistent result, I profit as a result because the people who work with me are better able to find products and get them sold.

Why start with arbitrage? Greater odds of success and early profits!

Buying A Duplex

When you start with flipping and arbitrage, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can start right now.
  • Your first items could be listed within an hour.
  • You can start with whatever money you have available.
  • You do not need to go into debt.
  • You do not need to risk your savings.
  • You can earn a profit in your first month.
  • You won’t be stressed and can have fun while doing it!

And here’s the biggest kicker of all – you can still earn a full-time income with flipping and arbitrage – even before you implement any outsourcing strategies!!!

How This Playbook Will Help You Earn More Money & Save Time - While Decreasing Your Risk of Failure

When you enroll in the Complete Arbitrage Playbook, you will learn:

  • Expert level sourcing using the following strategies:
    • Flipping
    • Retail Arbitrage
    • Online Arbitrage
  • How to identify the right products so you don’t get stuck with shelves full of things no one will buy
  • How to ensure that what you buy will be profitable so you can earn money from the beginning
  • How to start with limited funds
  • Proper planning and realistic income projections
    • Setting it up legally
    • Dealing with taxes
  • Avoiding price wars
  • The Art of Success on Amazon – including how to deal with their unpredictable side:
    • Avoid suspensions
    • Get approved in more categories
    • Win the buy box more often
  • How to develop a plan of attack, stay committed, grow each month, and avoid burnout!

We cover everything you need to know about starting and scaling an arbitrage based business. Whether you are overwhelmed by all the legalities and formalities that need addressed or need help figuring out how to get to the next level, we can help you.

A "Step-by-Step Arbitrage Playbook"

Get full access to our step-by-step retail arbitrage training program and learn the guidelines we teach to our own teammembers,

50+ On-Demand Training Videos


Our core arbitrage strategies are available as an at-your-own pace video course that we call the Complete Arbitrage Playbook (CAP). This is perfect for anyone who is excited about arbitrage but needs more in-depth instruction than you can find on Youtube.

While Youtube videos can be a great source of inspiration, most focus on the highlights of running an arbitrage business and skip over the less exciting parts of the process – parts that are still integral to your overall success. We have helped many students who originally tried arbitrage after seeing someone making money on Youtube, only to find themselves overwhelmed and not sure if they had made the right decision in trying arbitrage.

In our experience, the vast majority of people who complain that arbitrage is dead or isn’t feasible in their area never went deeper than watching some Youtube videos and reading a blog post or two.

You can figure this stuff out on your own, but if you go that route you have to be ready to invest a lot more time into the early stages. You will have to deal with a lot more sourcing outings that end in little to nothing found. Over time things will start to click, you’ll figure out where to look and when, and your sourcing outings will become more productive.

One of the ways our course will help you is to speed up this process of getting good at sourcing. If you enroll in our at-your-own-pace course, you’ll get access to our entire video library at once and be able to watch videos whenever you need them. 

Two Ways To Get Started Today

Complete Arbitrage Playbook Monthly

Get the full course for just $29/month
$ 29 Per Month
  • Our Entire Arbitrage Playbook - Every Strategy We Use is Covered
  • Over 50 Step-by-Step Videos to Watch At Your Own Pace
  • Monthly Access - cancel anytime

OSE's Complete Arbitrage Playbook

Learn how to make your first $1000 with arbitrage and SCALE!
$ 299 One-Time Payment
  • Our Entire Arbitrage Playbook - Every Strategy We Use is Covered.
  • Over 50 Step-by-Step Videos to Watch At Your Own Pace
  • Lifetime Access

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

If you like the sound of earning more money and setting your own schedule while doing something you enjoy, you may still have a hard time getting yourself to take action due to a fear you will fail, waste your money, and humiliate yourself in front of friends and family.

If you are struggling with this, I will say a few things. First, fear of failing is no small matter and I understand how crippling that can be. Failing feels bad, and failing publicly is even worse. One of the nice things about this business model is that it is very private. You don’t have to cover your profiles with links to your new website or blog – in fact, no one has to know what you are doing at all. You can quietly amass products in your garage or closets and sell them without anyone outside your immediate family knowing.

Next, I’d like to talk about the financial risk you are making by investing in this course. I know first hand what a struggle it can be to know that the strategies in a course could be extremely useful but scared that they would fail to live up to the promises and be a waste of time and money.

This is why we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You can come in, watch as many videos as you like, and if you aren’t satisfied with your expected results and ROI on investing in the course, all you have to do is tell us to refund you and we will.

Why choose Online Selling Experiment?

There are a lot of programs that promise to help you build an Amazon business. Here’s what makes us different:


1. We are Amazon Sellers first. 

You will be working with teachers and coaches who are actively selling on Amazon and using the strategies that are being taught. 

2. We give you behind-the-scenes access to our business.

We lead by example. When you work with us, you get the same training that we give to own team members. 

3.  We are successful with the strategies we’re teaching you.

Many people sell courses to make up for the fact that they aren’t earning enough from the strategies you are paying to learn. We’re selling 7+ figures each year from the strategies we’ll teach you.


We’ll leave you with answers to some of the most common questions we get about arbitrage in general and this course in particular. If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, please contact us at

How much time will this take?

Our goal is to help you start as fast as possible. We include our quick-start challenge content to help new sellers sell at least $250 worth of products in their first 30 days. We encourage all new sellers to aim for hitting their first $1000 in profits within their first 3 months.

Many new sellers do significantly better than this, with some achieving 4 figure earnings in their first month. We make no guarantees other than this explicitly described above – your success is ultimately dependent on you and how much time you invest.

We recommend a minimum of 5 hours per week if you want to be successful. More is better.

I’ve tried this and there weren’t any products. Can this work in my area?

This is an extremely common occurrence for new sellers – especially those that go the “I’ll figure this out on my own route.” This is a completely valid route to take, but you have to be ready for a lot more challenges and to invest more time before seeing results.

Even with our help, you may struggle to find products the first few times you go sourcing. This is the nature of being a new arbitrage seller. As you gain experience, it will take you less time to find products and you will find more each time you go sourcing.

One of the reasons to enroll in our Complete Arbitrage Playbook is to decrease this learning curve so you get to the point where you are regularly finding profitable products as often as possible. This alone can generate a positive ROI on investing in the course.

What if people don’t buy my products?

One of the great things about starting with arbitrage is that you get to sell small quantities of existing products that have proven demand with a price history that you can check.

When you go sourcing, you will use what we call a “scan tool” to scan the barcode on the product. The tool will then tell you the Amazon “Best Seller Rank” and what price it is currently selling at.

When getting started, your scan tool can be as simple as your cell phone and the free Amazon Seller app. A tool like CamelCamelCamel can then tell you the price history if you want to check and make sure the product will reliably sell at current prices (or higher).

All this greatly minimizes your risk. When you buy a product, you can see that the exact product you’re buying sells regularly at a profit based on your cost to acquire it.

What if the price goes down on a product I buy to resell? 

Sometimes the selling price of an item will go down after you’ve already purchased it, this is inevitable. One of the advantages of arbitrage based selling is that since you are never dealing with huge quantities of products, the amount of money you can potentially lose in this even is limited.

When this happens, don’t panic. Often times the price drop is temporary. It can pay to be patient and give the price a chance to rebound. This is a situation where using a price history tool is useful because you know if the price change is likely to be temporary or long-term.

How do I avoid price wars?

Avoiding price wars is simple – don’t undercut your competitors on a listing. There will almost always be other sellers selling the same products as you, but you don’t have to have a lower price to get a sale. We recommend pricing your products a little above the current best price and allowing the price to move to you rather than the other way around.

Is this possible for a senior to do?

Yes! If you can get out to stores and walk the aisles to do your normal shopping, you should be able to do this as well. There really isn’t anything more to this than shopping.

If going to stores is not something you are able to do, you can still do online arbitrage. With online arbitrage, all the shopping you do is from your phone or computer and you can be sitting in your favorite chair while doing it.

Many of our students are retired or preparing for retirement. Don’t let age stop you.

If you are worried about learning the computer systems involved, there isn’t anything complicated about them. No coding or specialized knowledge is needed.

Aren’t there already too many people doing this? Isn’t the market saturated?


There are definitely more sellers on Amazon (and online in general) than ever before – but there are also more buyers than ever before too. We are still in the early stages of the migration to online shopping.

Don’t get caught up thinking about what it would have been like if you would have started in the past. There is a big difference between something having been easier to do in the past and it not being worth doing now.

Online retail is growing at a huge pace and this trend is expected to continue over the next decade or more. There are few industries with the same growth potential as online retail.

Where do you want to be in 5 years? You can spend these next years building a business and taking advantage of this opportunity, or you could ignore it and look back and say you wish you would have started now.

Do I need my own website?

Not yet, that will come later if you decide to add wholesale sourcing and building your own brand. Technically your own website is never required, but I strongly recommend one if you do either of these sourcing strategies. Especially because it is extremely easy to build one and they cost far less than most people think.

But at the arbitrage level, there is absolutely no need for your own website.

Will you help me figure out shipping?

Yes. We cover everything from initial product acquisition to the point you have cash back in your hand.

Does this work outside of Q4?

Yes. This works at all times of the year. Q4 (October – December) is when you’ll see the greatest sales volumes, but you can still make a living during the other nine months as well. One of the keys to maximizing your sales throughout the year is take advantage of seasonality.

Everything I can find is restricted. Can you help me get ungated?

One of the biggest challenges new sellers face is the restrictions Amazon places on what you can and cannot sell. Building up experience on the platform is the most important thing you can do to begin getting ungated, so we encourage you to stick with it, find products you can sell, and maintain steller account metrics while selling them.

There are other strategies you can use to get ungated as well, including leveraging easy to get wholesale accounts. We will share strategies to help with this, including talking about our processes for applying for approval.

When you find a great deal on a product, it can also be profitable to buy it and sell it on a platform other than Amazon. For example, we sell a lot on eBay as well even though our first preference is Amazon. This is something we will cover in the course.

How much money do I need?

You can get started with any amount of money. If you don’t have any, take on our flipping challenge and sell things you already own to get your initial capital to invest.

If you want to enroll in our course, we recommend having at least a couple hundred dollars to invest into products if you want to get maximum early results.

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