This page contains links to products, services, and resources that I personally use and find helpful related to selling online.

Please note that many of these links are affiliate links.  These links do not  cost you anything extra, and purchasing through them helps me to be able to put out free content in blog posts.  These are all products that I personally use, if you purchase through the links provided, I truly thank you!

Tools from Ryan Grant:

Make Your First $1,000 Selling on Amazon. If you’re feeling lost when it comes to selling on Amazon, you can learn everything you need to know in this self-paced course. From setting up your seller account to finding profitable inventory to getting the right legal protection — it’s all here. Learn more now.

Outsourcing Sourcing – This is a guide that I wrote that covers all of the details of having people you trust source and ship products directly to amazon warehouses for you.

The Complete Guide to FBA Reimbursements – This is a guide that I wrote that covers every method I am aware of to get reimbursements from Amazon.  It comes with a money back guarantee that if you do not receive more in reimbursements than you pay for the book after putting the processes in place, you will get a full refund.

Easy Labels Chrome Extension – This is an extension I had created to make it easier to print FBA shipping labels on any 4″ x 6″ printer.  It allows you to properly format the labels in one click as opposed to manually formatting each one.  My team uses this tool in my business almost everyday.  You can see a video of it in action HERE or checkout the sales page HERE.


Inventory Lab –  I use this service for all of my listing and accounting needs.  It saves me time when listing, and makes the accounting side of things very simple.

Scoutify – This is the primary scanning app that I use in retail stores, and is included in the InventoryLab subscription, so there’s no added cost here for me.

Shoeboxed – I use this service to have all of my receipts scanned into a digital portal.  I simply mail them my receipts and they scan them into a portal that I have access to and send them back to me.  It saves me a lot of hassle of personally scanning them all to my computer.  I now have an exclusive link that in addition to a 30 day free trial, will give you 20% off for the first 6 months, should you continue to use the service.  Sign up using my link by clicking HERE.

Feedback Genius – This is a feedback tool I am using.  The service automatically sends out emails when items are out for delivery to the customer, as well as 4 days after the item has been delivered.  I tried out the free trial of this service, and it dramatically increased the percentage of orders on which I receive feedback without adding negative/neutral feedback, so I am now a paying customer.

Bqool – This is a service that I am using to help automate the pricing of my items.  Using this tool, I set the lowest and highest prices I am willing to sell an item for based on the competition, as well as how I want to be priced relative to the competition and their software takes care of making sure my price remains competitive. Using an automated repricer saves my team and I a huge amount of time every week. Sign up for a free trial HERE.

Price Checker 2: This software is what we use for evaluating the wholesale price lists we receive from our suppliers. We are able to input a list of the products, and then the software will automatically evaluate their profitability on Amazon. It takes the process of evaluating price lists from many hours to just a few minutes. If you are evaluating wholesale price lists, I’d recommend trying it out. You can check it out here.  

RestockPro  This service helps us keep our most profitable wholesale items in stock. The software is constantly keeping track of our inventory levels and sell thru rates on products. Whenever we don’t have enough in stock we are alerted to order more inventory. Once you have 50+ wholesale products that you order regularly, a tool like this can save you a lot of time and make you more money. You can check it out here.  

UPS Smart Pickup – This allows me to have UPS pickup my boxes directly from my house as opposed to personally driving to a UPS location to drop them off.  I was able to sign up for UPS Connect to get a year of smart pickups free.  I was paying for it before signing up via UPS Connect, and whether you pay for it or not, having a pickup saves a ton of time.

Tactical Arbitrage – This tool helps to automate the process of online arbitrage.  You can have it evaluate links from retailers in bulk at over 400 different sites.  I am able to input links that I want evaluated and then the software is able to take it from there. This tool makes online arbitrage significantly more efficient. You can sign up for a 7 day free trial HERE. – This is the service I use to hire virtual assistants to help with my Amazon business.  I have have had better luck here than with upwork.  The quality of work for the price is excellent, and the individuals on the site understand English very well.  Check it out HERE.

Revseller – This is a chrome extension that helps to reduce research time by displaying sales rank, category, and profitability at the top of each product page directly on any item you are looking at on Amazon. You can check it out and sign up for a free trial if interested HERE


Note these are listed in the order of which I would personally purchase them if I was just starting out.

USB Barcode Scanner – This is the one that I am using now.  It comes with it’s own stand and is able to “auto-detect” motion so that you don’t have to pull the trigger every time to scan.  This saves me a ton of time when listing items.

Shipping Scale – This scale is great for my needs.  I recommend getting a scale that has the display for the weight separate from the scale for easy viewing.  I used to use this shipping scale, but upgraded when I moved into my warehouse. Scotty Peelers – These are great for removing price stickers from items purchased on clearance at retail stores.  I have found that using a paring knife also works well for removing these stickers, although I can’t officially recommend using paring knife as it’s a bit dangerous.

Heat Gun – I use this to help remove labels from products, as well as labels from shipping boxes.  Running the heat gun over a price sticker or label will make it significantly easier to peel off. If you are in a household that has a hair dryer, that might work just as well, but these work great for helping to remove tough labels.

Zebra LP2844 Label Printer – This is an excellent printer for printing shipping labels to affix to boxes being sent to FBA, as well as for any orders you are merchant fulfilling.  The main link goes to eBay as the price is generally quite a bit lower on eBay, but these can also be found on amazon through this link if you would rather purchase there.

Dymo 450 Turbo Label Printer – I use this printer to print individual item labels to go on items that I am sending to FBA.  You can find the labels I use in the “supplies” section.  I find the Dymo printer to be drastically faster than the “30 -up” labels, and is well worth the invest if you are labeling your items.

KDC Bluetooth Scanner – I have both the KDC200 & KDC300 Bluetooth scanners and find them to save quite a bit of time when scanning items in retail stores.  They are a decent sized investment, so this is far from an absolutely necessary tool.   The initial link goes to eBay, and the other 2 go to amazon, I find that generally prices are a bit lower on eBay.  If you want to see the KDC200 in action, checkout this video from you youtube channel.


Self-Seal Polybags – I use these to create multi-packs and for items that are partially exposed that require bagging per amazon guidelines.  I like this set of bags as it gives you 4 different sizes that are very useful.  I now sometimes buy my bags from Uline, but you have to purchase 1,000 of each size at a time, so I will often buy the multipack of bags linked here.

Kraft Paper – I use this for “void fill” when packing FBA boxes.  I find this to be a very convenient option to fill any extra space in FBA boxes.

Sold as a Set Labels – I use these when creating mult-packs.  If you don’t want to buy labels, you can also print off individual sold as set labels using a Dymo printer.  At about 3 cents a label though, I find these to be well worth having around.

Suffocation Warning Labels – I also use these when creating multi-packs.  Again, you could print these out with your Dymo printer, but these are generally less than 1.5 cents each, so I find it better to have a roll of these around.

Goo Gone – This works great for cleaning up any residue that might be left behind by clearance stickers.

Shipping Tape – This is the tape I use, I generally buy 36 rolls at a time and it’s a little over $1 per roll. Next I will share the individual item labels I use.  It would be a good idea to read amazon’s guidelines about labeling HERE to make sure you understand the policy.  Two specific points are that they require item labels to be printed with a laser printer, such as the

Dymo 450 Turb0 Label Printer, and “all labels on your products should be removable by the customer.”  Dymo 30252 Labels – These are my go to labels that I purchase from eBay.  I find that they are relatively easy to remove, so I believe they fit the amazon guidelines.  I have also purchased THESE from amazon and they work quite well.  If you are concerned about the “removableness” of the labels, then you can buy THESE that specifically indicate they are removable.  Note: that these labels are for use with 3rd party listing services such as: Scanpower, Inventory Lab, and

Dymo 30334 Labels–  If you are using amazon’s scan and ship, then these are the labels you will need. 30 up Labels Laser – These are the sheets of labels you need if you are printing out sheets of labels rather than using a Dymo printer. 30 up Labels Inkjet – Note that it would be against amazon policy to use these for individual item labels per the above, but if you use them to print off expiration labels, or sold as set labels, they should be fine.

Saving Money On Purchases:

Ebates – This is my favorite cash back site. If you aren’t familiar with cash back sites, all you need to do is start your shopping trip at Ebates, and then you will receive a percentage of what you spend back at participating retailers. I’ve been paid thousands from Ebates over the years, and if you’re shopping online you should definitely be using a cash back site. You can sign up for free HERE

Raise – This is my most trusted site for buying discounted gift cards. If you aren’t familiar with discounted gift card sites, they allow you to purchase gift cards at a discount. These gift cards can then be used to buy you inventory and reduce your cost of goods. Discounted gift cards have saved my business thousands over the years. You can sign up HERE.   

FBA Courses & Books I have used/read:

Proven Amazon Course – This is a complete course for learning how to sell on amazon.  It covers the absolute basics of getting started as well as many advanced techniques.  There is a ton of information included in this course, and I have yet to make it through all of it, but the information that I have been through has been very beneficial.  You can find out more information and testimonials on the sales page HERE.

Arbitrage – This book by Chris Green was one of the first that I read related to FBA.  It covers many of the basics of how things work, and for about $9 you really can’t go wrong.  Chris Green is one of the founders of Scanpower, and in the book it does promote Scanpower quite a bit, but the information in the book is quality.

Liquidation Gold –  This was the first of several eBooks by Jessica Larrew that I read.  It covers the basics of sourcing inventory to resell in liquidation type stores.  After reading the book, I was not immediately able to find liquidation stores in my area, but I have found some in other areas that have been quite profitable for me.

Social Media:

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That’s all I have for now, I will continue to update this page as things change and if I add anything new to my business.  If you have any questions on any of the above resources please let me know in the comments!

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