How Big Is Amazon? 7 Incredible Facts (An Infographic)

How big is Amazon?

That question – or some variation of it – seems to come up all the time in my conversations. It doesn’t matter if I’m talking to aspiring sellers, people already selling $1 million+ per year, or even people who have no interest in selling at all.

Everyone likes talking about the size of Amazon.

Now we all know that Amazon is very big and that they’ve grown considerably. But just how big are they?

And is there any room for more growth?

I put together an infographic about this very question, with the goal of putting Amazon’s size into a perspective that anyone can appreciate.

This is the first infographic I ever created, so please let me know if you found it interesting or enjoyable to look through in the comments. If there is interest, I’ll try making some more as well!

The Surprising Size of Amazon Infographic


What do you think?

If you found that interesting and appreciate the work I put into it, I would really appreciate you sharing it!

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7 thoughts on “How Big Is Amazon? 7 Incredible Facts (An Infographic)”

  1. Great Job Ryan, as usual. Much better than watching a talking head on a video, or reading an endless, wordy blog. Keep ’em coming! Thanks.

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