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12 Amazon Seller Tools I Wouldn’t Go Without

In today’s post I am going to be sharing some of the Amazon seller tools that make everything much easier for my business.  

These are, in my opinion, the best Amazon seller tools. These are so crucial that I am more than happy to pay the monthly fees on because they provide great returns compared to handling things without them.  I’m not advocating that you go and sign up for all of these, but am sharing what I use and what works well for me.

Please note that many of the links within this post are affiliate links, and if you purchase through them I will receive a commission (some even get you a discount or bonus). The links don’t cost you anything extra, and are all for tools that I pay for every month that add to my business.  

I am categorizing these amazon seller tools based on the area of the business they help with.  Other than the category, they are not listed in any particular order.

The Best Amazon Seller Tools:

Online Arbitrage Tool

Tactical Arbitrage – Tactical arbitrage is one of my favorite Amazon FBA software solutions. This software works to automate the online arbitrage process. It evaluates entire pages of data in a very short period of time.  You are able to select from a list of hundreds of available websites, set your filters, and then see a list of potential items that you can buy from online stores to sell on Amazon. That is a very simplified explanation of what the software can do.  It’s the primary tool my business is using for online arbitrage at this time.     

Best Tools for Retail Arbitrage

Amazon Seller App – This Amazon FBA scanner app is a software my business uses for retail arbitrage.  The main thing that this scanning app is used for is to be able to check if a product is restricted. All of the retail arbitrage buyers on my team have this app on their phones to be able to check for restrictions.  

Scoutify – This is the main app that my business uses when scanning items in retail stores. In my opinion, it’s the best barcode scanner for Amazon FBA. It allows us to scan the barcode of an item with our phones, and quickly see important information about the product.  This information includes: category, current selling price on Amazon, sales rank, number of sellers, and a few other pieces of information that we use to decide whether to purchase items or not.  This app is included with an InventoryLab subscription.    

Wholesale Sourcing Tool

Price Checker 2.0 – This tool allows my business to quickly evaluate wholesale price lists from potential suppliers.  For this tool all we have to do is get a price list in spreadsheet format that has UPCs and prices.  We can then upload the spreadsheet into Price Checker 2.0 and it will tell us just about all of the information we need to decide if we want to purchase the products on the price list. It gives us our return on investment, sales rank on Amazon, details on number of sellers, and much more.  This tool makes our wholesale product evaluations much easier.    

Seller Accounting Tools

When it comes to accounting, I have this almost fully outsourced now.  I have a CPA firm that does all of my bookkeeping, income tax, and sales taxes.  Even with this firm hired, there are several tools that help to streamline the process.  

InventoryLab – To classify this as only an accounting system is really not a fair statement.  My business uses InventoryLab to list items for sale more efficiently, for their retail arbitrage scanning app, and for accounting.  It has some great reports that allow me to see the profitability of every item that is sold.  It is very useful for determining cost of goods sold for specific time periods, and tracking inventory values as well.  InventoryLab is used primarily for the income statement.

Quickbooks – This is the accounting system that the CPA firm that I use does the bookkeeping through.  This subscription is needed to have a full picture of the financial statements at any point in time.  The balance sheet and cash flow statement, are 2 very important features, and I am able to get these financial statements from using Quickbooks.  In addition I use Quickbooks Online Invoicing software for the billing in my coaching program.  

TaxJar – I use this service to help with the information that I nee to file sales tax returns.  More accurately, my CPA firm uses this software to help get the information needed to file certain sales tax returns.  I use TaxJar’s autofile service for all the states where I am eligible to, and then my CPA handles the remainder of the states.  Sales tax is not fun either way, and TaxJar helps makes the process a little more bearable for my business.   

Gusto – This is the payroll system that I am using for my business. It integrates with the timekeeping app, Deputy, that I use, and also integrates directly with the provider that I use to offer a 401(k) for members of my team.  Gusto makes things extremely easy to setup employees and run payroll. It’s not the cheapest payroll option, but the ease of use, and quality support make it worth the investment.  I’ve used a cheaper option in the past that caused me several problems.  

Hiring & Outsourcing Tools for an Amazon Selling Business – This is my go to site when I’m looking to bring a full-time virtual assistant on my team for a data collection type role. In the past, this has been specifically for assisting with my online arbitrage and wholesale processes.  This site is specifically for workers that are from the Philippines, and these workers generally speak and write English quite well. I’ve hired for a variety of roles through this site, and have 2 virtual assistants that have been on my team full-time for over a year from  If I’m looking to bring someone on full-time for a less complicated job role, this is where I look first. – This is my go to site when I’m looking to add someone to my team very quickly, or when I need a more specialized task completed. With Freeeup all I have to do is submit a ticket of what type of worker I’m looking for, what by budget is, and then they will give me a couple options of qualified candidates in their network.  They have vetted all workers on their platform already, so I don’t have to do as in depth of an interview or evaluation process. I’ve hired for a couple of jobs through this site already and have been very happy with both, and the speed with which they match a worker is very fast.  In both cases, it was during the same business day.  

Amazon Repricing Tool

Appeagle – This is the tool that I use to help automate my pricing on Amazon. I am able to set up strategies to automatically change my prices based on the pricing of the competition.  These strategies allow me to maximize the time my offers are shown in the buy box, and helps to increase sales.  I’ve been using Appeagle for over 2 years, and have found it to be very reliable.  

Amazon Seller Shipping Tools

UPS Smart Pickup – This is a service that I’ve been using since 2013, and makes life much easier.  This service is to have UPS pick up packages from your location.  You can schedule a pickup on any business day, and UPS will pick up your boxes directly from you that same day.  At this point, my business schedules a pickup every business day, and it saves us a ton of time compared to having to drop the boxes off on our own.  UPS has a promotion where you can get a free year of the service, and you can read about how to take advantage of this HERE.  

These tools all serve a very specific purpose in my business, and make life much easier.  All of them more than pay for themselves in terms of either the amount of money they make my business, or the amount of money they save my business in terms of time saved. If you want to see a complete list of the services, products, and tools I use to sell on Amazon you can see a consistently updated list on my  resources page.  

That’s my take on essential tools to sell on Amazon.  Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, and what tools are essential for you to sell on Amazon.  

14 thoughts on “12 Amazon Seller Tools I Wouldn’t Go Without”

    1. You can but you don’t have to. The most common choice that new sellers make is to get started first and then work on setting up an LLC after they start getting sales (and prove to themselves that they will follow through). There are benefits to doing all this from the beginning though, including liability protection from day 1 and not having to go back in and update all your accounts.

      This post may help you:

      Business Structure I use for selling on Amazon and eBay

  1. Hey Ryan, I’m getting addicted to read you’re stuff every day! Thanks for helping!!!

    Question, do you use all these apps at the same time?! Or they’re just the ones you like and either one can be used?
    Aren’t there some apps that can do most of these things together in one platform? Like jungle Scout or etc. ?

    1. Hi Sabia,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

      These are all tools that my business is subscribed to at the same time. We use all of them for different purposes. Jungle Scout can’t combine any of the ones that we currently are using, but we do use Jungle Scout from time to time as well for certain tasks.

      So while we are using all of them, we built up to this over time, so I wouldn’t recommend signing up for all of them day 1.

      Best Regards,

  2. Hey Ryan,
    So you have inspired. After reading most of your site I set up my amazon account and headed off to Walmart. I spent a few hours scanning anything and everything. Most of the stuff I found with good margins is restricted (4 pack of Stanley tape measures) I hit the limited time only clearance section with no luck.

    I did come across a game, it was org 9.00 on sale for 2.50, it had a rank of 60,000. It was selling on amazon for 4 or 6$ I don’t quite remember. I ran the numbers in the amazon app with the price needed for the buy box and after fulfilment I would have lost 2.17. How is it possible people are selling this game? Even if I would have got it for free, after shipping I would have been in the red.

    1. Hey Ryan,

      On the items you are restricted on, it could be worth considering selling those on eBay as opposed to on Amazon. Just because it’s restricted on one doesn’t mean it is on the other so that’s something to potentially keep in mind.

      On the item you mentioned, if they are selling for $4 to $6 then they are likely losing money on the sale. It’s possible it was themselves as the seller and they will price extremely aggressively on certain items. As a general rule I don’t worry too much about what other sellers paid for items when they are priced this low as even if I was able to figure it out, it’s not the type of opportunity I am interested in going after as the margins would be very slim.

      Best Regards,

  3. How do you maximize your packing and shipping so I send out the least amount of boxes. I recently listed 2 of the exact same items, and Amazon wanted me to put them in two different boxes and send them to the same place “FTW1”

    1. Hi Bart,

      The main thing I do is try to have as many items per shipment as possible. This minimizes the chances of having single items assigned to a destination.

      Best Regards,

  4. Ryan – Great podcast on SPI. My question relates to the condition. I noticed that you and Pat mentioned to make sure it’s listed in the “correct condition”. If the Amazon app says the item is eligible to be listed as “new” am I safe to list it as “new”? I’ve read a bunch of things about not listing as “new” unless your a wholesaler, etc. The Amazon guidance on Condition seems vague with respect to this. The retail arbitrage items I’m buying are in excellent/new condition so I want to list as “new”. Any guidance on this?

    1. Hi Jesse,

      Thanks for the comment.

      In my experience, you won’t have any issue listing things as new if they are truly in new condition. If there’s anything wrong with the item, if the warranty is void, or any issue like that, then you shouldn’t list it as new. Other than that though, you should be fine listing things as new that are purchased in retail stores.

      Best Regards,

  5. Thanks for sharing.

    I am trying to save up to about $1000, and start selling on Amazon hopefully in two months. For a newbie, would you advise against app subscriptions for the first couple of months, so I can spend my capital on inventory? Otherwise, what are the absolute must-haves?

    1. Hi Momodou,

      If you are just getting started and have $1,000 available, then I would use all of that money for inventory. The order things are listed on this page: are generally the order that I would buy them in, but it’s going to vary a bit depending on the person. Overall though, focus on investing as much as you can in inventory right away as opposed to services.

      Best Regards,

  6. Excellent post! Thanks for the amazing content! I listened to your podcast on SPI, and felt very much inspired. I wish their was a search function for your blog, so I could look for specific content. Hard to go through all the pages. Hopefully I didn’t miss it! I would love to know where you source from primarily, and the specific strategies you use when it comes to using tactical arbitrage? I wish we could chat via the phone if you are free, I am very new to Amazon FBA but I hope to put in the work initially and start scaling as soon as I can. Thanks for all the help!

    1. Hi Dhruv,

      Thanks for stopping by and for the suggestion of adding a search function. If you go through this link:, it will have every post that I’ve ever done. I will add your suggestions to my list for potential future blog post topics as well.

      Best Regards,

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