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It was a great honor to be a guest on the SPI podcast, and I enjoyed being able to share with you my journey from quitting my job as an accountant to making a full time income selling products online.  I’ve been a fan of Pat’s website and podcasts for a long time, and was even able to get a picture with him from a meetup he hosted in Minneapolis:

A picture that I took with Pat Flynn when he hosted a coffee meetup in Minneapolis.

If making some additional income selling physical products online is something you’d like to explore, then you are in the right place.  I’ve set this page up just for that purpose.  I will go over the details of a few follow up items that were covered on the interview with Pat, and then get into some tips to help you succeed when selling online.

Make Your First $100 selling on Amazon challenge: 

We’ll start off with the details of the contest that we discussed on the podcast.  This challenge is a great way to get some early momentum when selling online.  Here are the details of the challenge and how to enter:

To compete:

  1. Sign up for an Amazon seller account if you don’t already have one.  
  2. Download & install the Amazon Seller App.
  3. Go to a retail store or scan items that you have near your house.  A few recommendations include: Wal-mart, TRU, Home Depot, Lowes, Meijer, Shopko, Kmart, Target, Big Lots etc.   
  4. When you get into the store grab a cart, and expect success.
  5. Locate clearance section of the store that you go to.  It’s important to note than many stores will have multiple clearance sections throughout them, so make sure you cover all of the clearance sections in the store.  
  6. Scan 250 clearance or sale items with the Amazon Seller App.  Scanning an item means pointing the camera on your cell phone at the bar code of any product in the store and reviewing the output on the Amazon Seller App.  When deciding what to scan, look for items that are 50% off or more.  If in doubt as to whether to scan the item or not, then scan it and see what the app pulls up.  
  7. Buy items that have a sales rank under 250,000 AND have a 50% return on investment (ROI) or greater.
  8. Ship the items that you purchase into Amazon.  You can find a detailed guide on how to create your first Amazon FBA Shipment HERE.  

The prize: For the first 100 people who complete this challenge, I will send you a copy of Pat’s next book as soon as it releases 🙂

How to Enter: Whether or not you are able to successfully find items to resell on Amazon, if you complete the challenge, you are eligible to enter.  You will post your proof in the comments section of the SPI show notes for this episode.  Here’s what to post:

If you succeed, post a picture of the bottom of your retail receipt that shows the total amount you spent on inventory OR a picture of your completed FBA shipment to send to Amazon.  Here’s an example of a completed FBA shipment image:

Note: If you are looking for shipping boxes to use for shipping your items to Amazon, Home Depot and Uhaul both sell cheap boxes that are good quality for shipping.

If you aren’t able to find any items, post a screenshot from the Amazon Seller App showing the last item you scanned in the store you went to.

After you post your comment on the SPI show notes for this episode HERE, then submit the details of where to send your copy of Pat’s next book via this short form HERE.

Recommendations for getting started on this site:

As there are now well over 100 posts live on the Online Selling Experiment blog, I want to provide links to a few articles to help get you started.

Financial Results Posts

As I mentioned on the podcast, I posted my financial results monthly for almost the first 2 years selling on Amazon full-time.  You can read through my first results post HERE, which you can compare to my results from 15 months later HERE.  And finally for the results, if you’d like to read all of the available results posts in order, you can do that via a free downloadable PDF HERE.

Top Blog Posts for just getting started selling on Amazon

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started Selling on Amazon – If you’ve never sold an Amazon before, this post starts at the very beginning and explains how it all works.

What would I do with $1,000 and No Prior knowledge of selling on Amazon – This post answers exactly that question.

Want specialized guidance for selling on Amazon? You can learn everything you need to know in my self-paced course, Make Your First $1,000 Selling on Amazon. From setting up your seller account to finding profitable inventory to getting the right legal protection — it’s all here. Learn more now.

Tools/Supplies You Need to Sell on Amazon 

When you are just getting started selling on Amazon, there aren’t too many tools that you will need right away.  The main things are boxes, tape, and printer for shipping labels.  That’s about all you need right away.  When initially getting started, money is generally better spent on inventory as opposed to tools and supplies.  As you grow your sales and your business there’s definitely some things that will help to make your life easier.  You can see all of the supplies and tools I use to sell on Amazon on my resources page.

Have questions?

I’m hosting  a free Q&A Webinar on Wednesday May 31st at 6:30PM CT to answer your questions to help you get started selling on Amazon.  There won’t be any pitches, and it will be purely content based.  If you are interested, you can register HERE.

Thanks for stopping by this page! If you have any additional questions, feel free to send me an email to Ryan@onlinesellingexperiment.com.

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