Profit Maximizer

Increase profits for your existing business through discounts, coupons, rewards, reimbursements, and more! GUARANTEED TO PAY FOR ITSELF!

What is an Accelerator?

Accelerators are a new type of training we’re offering in 2020 that will be geared towards making BIG progress on a highly-specific goal in a short period of time.

Accelerators are all about action and results. You will work closely with me, my team, and a small group of other participants through live group instruction and 1-on-1 review sessions to achieve the desired results.

You will be expected to participate LIVE over the 4-week program. There will be assignments, deadlines, and penalties for not completing work on time.

Each will be structured slightly differently, all will be structured to make sure you actually achieve the result that is being sought.

There will also be very strong guarantees in place…


We’re always looking for better ways to help people start and grow their business, so we’re guaranteeing that you’ll see results in our Accelerators. 

For the Profit Maximizer, you’ll be guaranteed to see an ROI on the cost to join by the end of the Accelerator.

In other words, in just 4 weeks this Accelerator will pay for itself or you get your money back. 

Then you get month after month of increased profits for years to come. 

The Details

Topic:  Maximizing your online selling profits through discounts, rewards, reimbursements, and other ways that will help you get more out of every sale.

Duration: 4 weeks

Start Date: Monday, March 16, 2020


  • 2 live classes per week, M-W @ 5:00PM CT
  • 5+ hours of time invested outside the classes on your own schedule
  • Weekly assignments

Cost: $249

Bonuses (Optional):

  • Have your accounting system and 25+ recent sales audited for ways to improve margins.
  • Have your “spend plan” audited to optimize when and where you use specific payment options.


  • Have an existing business meeting minimum spending levels (see Q&A below)
  • Must complete all assignments on time. Participants who do not complete the assignments will be removed after fair warning and not eligible for the guarantee.


The Profit Maximizer will start March 16. Enrollment will officially open on February 25.

Use the form below to join the waitlist and get early access to the available spots. There will only be 25.

Joining the waitlist will also reserve you a space in a free training session occurring on February 25 in conjunction with the official start to enrollment.


Who is this Accelerator for? Are there requirements to enroll?

Because this is focused on increasing profits for an existing business, this Accelerator will not be open to new sellers. 

We will be looking primarily for sellers who are purchasing $1000+ per month in inventory and there will be a very short application process to ensure all participants meet this minimum criteria.

If you do not meet this criteria, you can still apply but other businesses who meet the criteria will be given preference and we reserve the right to modify the guarantee based on the size of your business.

How will you increase my profits?

We will be addressing a wide variety of ways we maximize profits in my business. This may include discounts, coupons, rewards, reimbursements, pricing strategies, purchasing strategies, “spend plans”, and more.

This may also include signing up for new services such as: cash back sites, coupon sites, bank accounts, and/or credit cards. Recommendations will be made based on the current status of your business, including what strategies you are already employing, how much you spend per month, the sourcing strategies you use, and other factors like this. 

In general, we’ll be optimizing your strategies to maximize future results for your business!

How does the guarantee work?

Simple! If completing the assignments doesn’t earn you $250+ in profit by the end of the Accelerator, you’ll get your entire enrollment fee back!

This ensures you see an ROI on the investment. Since many of the strategies we cover lead to recurring profit increases, your ROI will likely continue to grow month after month for years to come.


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