10+ Profitable Products You Can Buy Online Each Weekday and Sell On Amazon.

huge profit potential products: members only


Why choose our OA Pro Lead List?

  • 10+ products per weekday
  • 40 person max group size
  • $5 minimum profit per product
  • All products sell 15+ times per month on Amazon
  • Only $99 per month
Amazon Seller product sales chart

+ Fully managed by US-based Amazon Pros

200+ Leads Per Month

(Minimum potential profit = $1000+)

Join our OA Pro Leads List, and we’ll send you 10+ leads ever weekday. 

That’s 50+ leads each week. 200+ per month.

Each one offers a MINIMUM of $5 profit – including all the fees and shipping.

That’s $1000+ potential profit each month if you bought one of each.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll buy each one. But we also certainly won’t stop you from buying MORE than one of each either.

So the potential profit each month is actually much higher. 

5 + 10 + 15 = ???

Members receive 10+ leads every weekday. Each offers at least $5 profit and sells at least 15 times per month on Amazon based on current Best Seller ranks.

$5 MINIMUM Profit (including fees + shipping)

10+ Leads A Day, Monday - Friday

All Products Sell 15+ Times Per Month

Won't everyone else just buy these "deals" before me?

Bigger isn’t always better. And it definitely isn’t when you are talking about a BOLO group or leads list like this one.

We’ve been selling online for over a decade now, and we’ve been members of many groups like this. Some good, some not so good.

The biggest problem you’ll run into with a leads list is getting a list of deals that hundreds or thousands of other sellers are also getting.

Sometimes it’s because there is no limit on the group size. Sometimes it’s because the list managers restrict membership to each “list” to a reasonable sounding number – just to offer the same list to multiple different groups. Or the same products organized into multiple different lists.

So while it may look like only 50 people are getting access to a list, there may be hundreds (or more) who actually see each deal.

That’s a bad group. You might as well flush your money down the drain. 

Unfortunately – speaking from experience here – it can be very hard to identify a “bad” one ahead of time. It takes paying for the service and realizing you aren’t generating a ROI to figure it out. More on ROI in a minute.

First, what’s a good group look like?

We have a firm 40 person maximum in the group. Each weekday, we send the group a list of 10+ products WE have found that day. The products are shared with the group AND NO ONE ELSE. 

Every product on the list goes through multiple evaluations and is manually verified by our own expert team of US-based Amazon sellers. If the product is on the list, it matches the exact guidelines we’re using to source for our own business. We don’t water down the criteria and offer you sub-standard leads.

100% of the products are verified by expert Amazon sellers and match sourcing guidelines that drive millions in sales each year.

What is OA?​

OA stands for Online Arbitrage.

Put simply, it’s buying things from online stores to be sold on online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc…) for a profit. 

This “works” because there are all sorts of reasons why a store may decide to sell a product cheaper than Amazon does – having less space for inventory, needing money for other investments, or simply running a sale are all common factors. Extra profits can also be earned via gift cards, rebates, cash back sites, etc…

There are countless deals out there if you have the time to look and know where to do so.

We invest many, many hours into this process and source from hundreds of different stores.

By joining this list, you are outsourcing all that work to us for just $99 a month.


One of our biggest mottos around here is that “it’s all about the ROI”.

As a business owner (or future business owner), your job is to make money.

Anything else you do is just a means to that end.

If the things you do and invest in don’t lead to making more money, then you are doing or investing in the wrong things. Because if you aren’t making money, you don’t have a business.

“Leads” mean nothing if they’re sold out before you get there.

A lead list is a good investment if it leads to more profits than it costs to obtain the list. It is a bad investment if you do not generate more profits from the leads than the cost of the list.

Simple, right? 

It makes you wonder why so many people try to sell you stuff that doesn’t lead to an ROI. (I guess it’s because all they care about is their own ROI).

We’re committed to helping you generate an ROI in the following ways:

  1. Giving you hundreds of qualified leads each month.
  2. Releasing these leads at the same time each day.
  3. Giving access to no more than 40 people.
  4. Charging just $99 a month.

These rules make generating an ROI extraordinarily simple. 

Every week day, we’ll send you the list. Over the course of the month, you will receive hundreds of leads offering a minimum of $5 profit per unit sold. Some will offer $10+ profit per unit. 

If all you did was look at ONE of the daily lists and buy a dozen units of a SINGLE product offering $10 profit, there’s your ROI. $120 profit on a $99 investment and a few minutes of checking a curated list. 

Now repeat that daily with multiple products, and there’s your potential for a HUGE ROI.


Is this only for US sellers? 

The finds shared will be profitable on Amazon.com. As long as you are setup to sell on Amazon.com you should find value in this list.

What if I change my mind?

While we’d love to have you stay a member forever, you are welcome to cancel at anytime. You will continue to receive leads through the last day of your subscription. You will be able to cancel directly from your online account, you don’t need to contact anyone. But if you want us to take care of it for you, just email support@onlinesellingexperiment.com.

What categories? Will I be eligible to sell the products shared? 

We aim to share a large mix of products from many different categories. You will be eligible to sell many of the products we share. We also include a bonus on how to get approved, and that can help if you want to go through the approval process on items we share.

What about refunds? 

Due to the nature of the service we aren’t able to offer refunds. You will continue to receive leads for the time you have paid for, and you are able to cancel at anytime.

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