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Why join the Best Sellers Lab?

When trying to build a business, timing is a big factor in whether or not you are successful.

If you solve the right problems and do the right things at the right time, good things usually happen.

If you delay doing the right things by even a little bit, things can get out of control quickly, and you find yourself playing catch up.

A certain amount of this is normal in the beginning, but eventually you want to get to a place where things aren’t constantly overwhelming and confusing.

That’s where working with me comes into the picture.

By joining the Best Sellers Lab, you’ll get…

  • A live monthly group call with Q&A. Each month we’ll go over the most important things to be thinking about for your business, plus you’ll get an opportunity to ask questions about the specific problems you are dealing with.
  • BONUS 1: Monthly Roadmaps. The monthly roadmaps are written strategy reports that touch on similar themes to those that are covered in the group call.
  • BONUS 2: 7-Figure Roadmap. This is a special document that goes into detail regarding the path between $0 and 7 figures. It covers the exact path that I took and takes a detailed look at what you need to do something similar in 2019 and beyond.
  • BONUS 3: Exclusive discounts. I have negotiated some discounts for services and tools related to building an online selling business. These vary depending on the month.

Other than my coaching program, this is the only way to work directly with me each month. The group call gives me an opportunity to talk to you about what I’m doing each month in my own business, and it also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the problems you are facing.

The call and the roadmaps both have the same goal – to help make sure you are always working on the right things. Joining the BSL will help ensure you always have a good plan in place, and your odds of success will be higher because of it.

You can get access to all of this for just…

Remember – You can cancel your membership at any time and you won’t be billed for future months. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you can request your money back for the first month as well.  When you cancel, you lose access to the monthly webinar and any recordings and roadmaps that you have access to.

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