Bad decisions can ruin a business - and every business owner in history has made them.

So how can you make more good, money-making decisions instead of bad ones that might cost you everything?

If the opportunity of a lifetime was presented to you, would you know it?

In 1999, Excite – a search engine – got a once in a life time opportunity. 

Search engines were still relatively new at the time, but the competition between them was fierce.

Some of Excite’s big competitors were Yahoo, WebCrawler, Lycos, and Altavista. Google – founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin – was still very, very small.

So small, in fact, that Larry Page approached Excite in an attempt to sell Google for just $750,000.

And Excite said no because they didn’t want to use Google’s technology.

There’s hundreds of examples like this.

Kodak didn’t bring a digital camera to market in the 70’s to protect their film revenues. Blockbuster said no to buying Netflix (multiple times). Coke tried to get rid of… Coke.

Bad decisions range from the big and jaw dropping to the small and seemingly harmless. They can sink a business or just waste a day’s worth of time and revenue.

It’s okay to make mistakes. In fact, it’s inevitable. But if you want to be as successful as possible, you need systems in place that help you limit and fix them.

As a business owner, you face new problems every single day.

Solving all these problems – and focusing on the right ones – is the key to success for your business.

But you are not going to be right all the time.

As history shows us, this is true for all businesses – no matter how big or small.

When you are doing everything on your own, it gets even harder.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for most people running online selling businesses. You’re probably a team of one (or maybe two).

This means that even a small problem can present a major obstacle for your business.

A simple question that other people know the answer to can mean days or weeks of decreased productivity while you research it.

Now imagine if you had a community of like-minded business owners ready to support and help you every time you ran into one of these problems.

What if there was someone to motivate and encourage you when you hit a rut instead of wasting days on end trying to decide how to move forward? (This happens to everyone too.)

By joining the BSL, you can lean on an experienced community to help find solutions to your problems, avoid costly mistakes that others have made before you, and increase your overall odds of success.

Wait... What is the BSL?

BSL stands for Best Sellers Lab.

The Best Sellers Lab will connect you with like-minded business owners ready to help you as soon as you have any questions, problems, or doubts.

It is a community for you to turn to for quick and reliable answers to problems (whenever they may come up).

There are two parts to The Best Seller’s Lab:

  1. What you get.
  2. What you’ll do.

Most memberships are designed around just giving you stuff.

I’ve designed the BSL to be interactive to make sure everyone is getting maximum value from the community.

This creative aspect will begin with a goal setting system that will force you to approach goals in a new, more strategic way. This new approach will significantly increase how much you accomplish in the future.

There will also be monthly logs on your business’s progress and problems.

These logs will be private endeavors at their core, but there will also be weekly and monthly community threads where you’ll be expected to share both whats going well and whats not going well.

This will ensure your biggest problems are being addressed while also giving you an opportunity to engage with and help other members.

This is just one example of the creative aspect of this membership, there will be additional worksheets and activities as well.

You’ll also get access to

  • A community dedicated to problem-solving and motivation
  • A monthly group coaching call
  • Exclusive guides for different periods of the year
  • Special discounts on software and service providers
  • Other surprise bonuses that are still in development

The monthly call will be your main opportunity to discuss problems directly with me, although I’ll also participate in the community.

And unlike other business communities, the BSL will be entirely comprised of other people who are equally passionate about doing what you can now to unlock doing what you want later.

Not sure if its worth it?

I don’t have any problems right now.

If you aren’t facing regular challenges, you’re leaving money on the table. And even if your problems seem relatively easy to deal with now, the really difficult ones tend to come up when you least expect it. Having immediate access to a community ready to help can make a big difference in how long it takes to overcome it.

The community isn’t just dedicated to problems either – there’s also a big focus on things that are going well and sharing good ideas with others. You’ll get a ton of value from the goal setting and monthly logs as well.

No matter what your current situation, joining should help you grow faster and make more sooner.

I don’t have time to spend in the community, I already spend all the time I have sourcing and shipping.

Being a part of the community will make you more effective at all the activities related to running the business. The time you invest into being a part of the Best Sellers lab will be time very well spent. 

The vast majority of people can find the time if they are really committed (like giving up the occasional hour of TV or browsing the internet). Building a business often involves making sacrifices now to enjoy greater rewards later.

I’m worried about the cost. I don’t know if it’s worth it.

The main reason to become a member is to make sure you are growing as fast as possible, making the best decisions you can, and avoiding costly mistakes. By enrolling and actually engaging with the membership, the total amount you gain should be much higher than the investment.

Want to enroll?

The members of the Best Sellers Lab are by far the most important component – and for that reason you do not have the option to immediately enroll.

In order to make sure that you are a good fit for the membership – meaning you’ll benefit from being a member and others will benefit from having you in the group – you must place your name on the waiting list by filling out the form below.

Over the next 2-3 weeks, I will supply you with additional information that will help you make the decision. You will be given the opportunity to enroll after that.

So if you are interested, all you have to do today is submit the form below.

If you aren’t sure, you should still submit your name and use the additional materials I send you to help determine if you would benefit from being a member.


Special Launch Rate Applies through January 7
$ 35 Monthly
  • Locked in at intro rate for duration of your membership
  • Full access to BSL community
  • Group coaching call each month


Special Launch Rate Applies through January 7
$ 350 Yearly
  • Pay yearly and get 2 months free!
  • Maintain intro-rate when renewing
  • Full access to community and monthly group coaching calls
Best Deal

Why Join Now

In the future, in order to join the Best Sellers Lab you will have to put your name on an official waiting list. Putting your name on the list will not cost anything.

The waiting period under normal circumstances will be about 30 days.

For the first 7 days, there will be no waiting period and you can join the membership immediately.

The first activity you will perform as a member are a series of success exercises which are an improved system for setting goals. 

If you have ever struggled to accomplish the goals you set for yourself, you will find these exercises extremely beneficial. Performing them will greatly increase how much you achieve in 2019 and beyond.

This system will help you with all of your goals – not just the ones you have for business – so I recommend enrolling now and using the system before you set any 2019 goals.

These exercises alone will make the investment worth it – and they aren’t even the main part of the membership.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the intro pricing and using the success exercises to be more effective and productive in 2019, make sure you enroll before January 7.

Enroll now!


Special Launch Rate Applies through January 7
$ 35 Monthly
  • Locked in at intro rate for duration of your membership
  • Full access to BSL community
  • Group coaching call each month


Special Launch Rate Applies through January 7
$ 350 Yearly
  • Pay yearly and get 2 months free!
  • Maintain intro-rate when renewing
  • Full access to community and monthly group coaching calls
Best Deal