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Enrollment will be limited to the first 100 people when we launch, so get on the list now if you’re interested.

Wait - What is 'The Lab'

The Lab is our answer to a big gap that currently exists among the products and services that we offer here at Online Selling Experiment.

Right now, there are three main varieties of content: the free articles and newsletters, the paid books and courses, and the coaching program.

The coaching program has been incredibly successful in helping people level-up their businesses – in 2017 the average sales of everyone in the program was $606,010!

Among people that have been in the program for over 2 years, the average was $1,231,867!

The only problems with the coaching program are that I can only accept a very limited amount of people at a time and that it’s designed for people who already have an established business.

That leaves a lot of the Online Selling Experiment community out of the picture.

The Lab is our answer to that.

The Lab is a members-only version of Online Selling Experiment that will get you access to private content, monthly webinars with me, free courses, workbooks, discounts on any paid products that aren’t included in the Lab, and more.

It’s designed for people who are very serious about developing a very successful online selling business – which I know you are!

While I know that it will be a very popular program, I’m going to cap initial enrollment to the first 100 members. I may decide to increase that in the future, but for now it will pay to be early – don’t say you weren’t warned!

Get on the list now!

I know that a lot of my subscribers have been waiting for something exactly like this. If you are excited about the idea, please sign up now to get notified when we start accepting enrollments.

I’ll be announcing the launch to people who sign up here first. Based on initial interest, I don’t expect there to be available spots after a few days.

Expected FAQs

How much will this cost?

We’re still finalizing the details. We’re currently planning on the base membership being about $50 a month, though this is subject to change.

What will be included?

Again – still finalizing the details, which is why I’m not exactly sure what the final price will be. I know that it will include a monthly webinar with me, a webinar archive, free courses, workbooks, and exclusive content that won’t be made public. You’ll also get discounts on anything you buy that isn’t included with the membership, like the How to Make $1000+ Per Month Selling on Amazon course. We’re also exploring ways that we could build in more interaction and discussion among community members.

When will it launch?

Hopefully very soon. No later than April 30th.