My first ever "live course" on outsourcing for retail arbitrage starts on August 13...

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Ready to take your retail arbitrage business to the next level?

My first ever live course on outsourcing for retail arbitrage will take place this August.

This is going to be the first time I offer something like this, and I’ve already been getting a lot of questions about what this means.

“Live courses” are a new idea I’m working on where most or all of the instruction will be delivered live. This means the content will not be prerecorded, and students will get to interact with me as I teach.

I’m really excited about this idea because it is going to allow me to work more closely with you, especially on topics that require more attention to teach well.

The first three that I’m planning on are this one on outsourcing retail arbitrage, another on outsourcing wholesale, and then one starting at the beginning of October on dominating Q4. 

These live courses could range from single sessions to several months worth of classes. For this first course on outsourcing, I have three sessions planned for August 13, 20, and 27, all at 6 PM CT.

To be clear, these three dates are not separate iterations of the course you can sign up for. They are all individual sessions and lessons that are part of the whole course. So when you enroll, you get access to all three.

Each session will be recorded, and students will have access to the recordings to review after they are over. This means if you need to study something more closely or miss one of the weeks, you can still access the material.

Why live?

The purpose of offering a live course is so that I can work more closely with you and provide more value on the topics you are most interested in.

While prerecorded content is great in some situations and allows me to offer training at a very affordable cost, there are other situations where you will gain more by working with a small group of other students and directly with me.

With a live course, you and the other students will be able to stop me when something isn’t clear, or ask me to discuss certain points in more detail when you need that.

I’ll also be able to tailor recommendations and advice directly to you and your business based on the problems you are dealing with.

In other words, the amount of value I’m able to give you is much higher with a live course. This is also why I’ve decided to cap the available spaces at just 15. 

The Curriculum

  • Why you should outsource?
  • When is the right time to hire?
  • Contractor vs Employee
  • In house vs paying a service
  • What my team looks like
  • Things you may already be outsourcing without realizing it
  • The value of your time
    • Coming up with a value for how much your time is worth
    • How this helps you decide what tasks to outsource and when
  • Factoring capital into your decision of when to outsource.
  • Your goals with outsourcing

Homework: Complete Time Evaluation Worksheet (provided during class).

  • Outsourcing to Service Providers
    • Software tools
    • UPS Smart Pickup
    • CPA / Bookkeeper
  • Hiring Locally
    • Who to hire?
    • Where to post the jobs?
    • What roles this is best for?
    • Interview process
    • Reviewing applications
    • Questions to ask in interview
    • Making an initial offer
    • Contracts / Non disclosures / etc
Homework: Complete Outsourcing Projects Worksheet (provided during class).
  • Overview of system
  • Training
  • Comp models
  • Should you get a cargo van involved? Pay mileage?
  • Recap of whole system 

As you can see, we’ll be packing in a ton of material into these three weeks.

On top of all of the above, there will be many opportunities for you to ask your own questions – including a period at the end of each class where the focus is on the students and what you’re dealing with.

Only 15 spots - grab yours now.

Is it worth it?

At this point you should be trying to decide whether or not enrolling in this course is worth the investment.

If you are just getting started with retail arbitrage and don’t have very much capital yet, it probably makes more sense for you to keep working on your business yourself until you grow it to the point that your own ability to invest time into the business is the main thing holding you back.

But if you are a team of 1 or 2 with capital to invest but not enough time to keep growing your business, you are the perfect candidate for outsourcing and this course.

As I’ve shared many times, I credit outsourcing with a huge portion of the success I’ve enjoyed with my business. When you hire other people (and services) to work for you, you increase your total potential output and free your time to spend on the highest value activities.

This course will help you do all this efficiently and as soon as possible.

But are you ready?

In my experience, most people wait far too long to make their first hire.

When you first start a business, it is extremely common to fall into the trap of avoiding any expense because you are afraid of eating away at profits. 

One of the biggest lessons that successful business people learn early on is the difference between wasting money and investing money into things that bring a positive return on your investment.

At the end of the day, you need to wisely spend money in order to make more money.

And hiring people to increase the output of your business is one of the wisest investments you can make.

So instead of avoiding the expense of hiring someone to work for you when you could just keep doing that task yourself and save the money, you need to start looking at the situation in a different way.

Sure you could keep doing all the things you are doing, but what if someone else was doing the low value, easy, or repetitive tasks instead of you? What if all that time you are currently spending on those tasks was suddenly free for you to spend on other parts of your business?

If you are serious about the business you are working on and already have a strong start – no matter how long you’ve been at it – you are ready to outsource.

For many, this is the key to doubling their business or more – sometimes a lot more.

Claim one of the remaining spots now if you're interested!